Friday, March 18, 2005

Nice, France

Today was spent relaxing around Nice. And true to its name, it is quite nice. :) I got up at 8:15, showered and had a nice quiet time and then met Liz at 9:30 for breakfast which was okay. They had sugar cubes which were shweeet. :P Talked for awhile and then packed for the day, did our Psalm time and then headed out by 11. We walked down toward a different end of town and saw some cool stuff and went to go see the Nice river which ended up not really existing anymore- looked like it had dried up long ago. So that was a bummer, but we found a good, cheap sandwich place on that side of town and go some great, huge sandwich things which were great for lunch. We had those as we waited to meet with the other couples back near the beach and they showed up a little after 1 and we spent the afternoon with them. We headed down to the beach, which was very rocky, but the rocks were very smooth so it wasn't all too bad. Pretty much stayed there from 1:30 until about 4 just lazing around sunbathing and whatnot. It was very awesome and relaxing and extremely warm. :-D Even got some decent sleep for awhile and it was just nice to sit and do nothing for some time. :) So, after that we headed over with Chris and Megan to the old town area and walked around a bit before splitting up. Liz and I had some great ice cream and then ran to catch the sunset which was beautiful, but then it got rather cold so we headed back to the hostel. Took some time out there and had a real nice Bible study and talk which and then headed back out at 8. Wandered around to find a restraunt for a bit and found a Chinese place that was cool. The food was so-so, but it was quiet in there and we had a really great talk which is always nice. :) Wandered over to the other couples' hotel at 10 and met them to go out. We ended up just walking around the shoreline together which was beautiful and a lot of fun, but we didn't really find anywhere interesting to go into. But, it was really nice and we got back here right around midnight. I'm ready to pass out now!

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