Thursday, March 17, 2005

Headed to Nice

Today was a nice end of the week. Got up at 6:45, showered and had a good quiet time, then at 8 packed my stuff to go to Nice and packed with Liz, then headed down with her for breakfast. PolySci class was from 9-12 and it was rough but not as bad as other classes. I think my excitement to go to the beach helped me to pass class time quickly. :P After class, we ate at the early lunch and then caught a train right after 1 to head off to Nice, France. We're going with 2 of the other couples in our group- Chris and Megan, Patrick and Rachel. They're all really nice, so its cool to be with them and get to know them better. Anyhow, the train ride was about 7 hours and went pretty well. I got some rest in but didn't get hardly any schoolwork done like I wanted too. :-/ We got into Nice at 8 and then walked towards our hostel and their hotel together. We split up in different directions and Liz and I went off to find ours, using the stupid map that the hostel had on their site. We ended up wandering around Nice for almost an hour with our heavy luggage and could not find our hostel at all. Liz finally asked some people and they helped us find our way there and we finally found it. I was pretty angry though. :-/ The map was totally bogus and not to scale at all and half the streets here don't have street signs, so its just ridiculous to find your way around. Oh well. We finally got there and put our stuff in our rooms and then headed back out to the other couples' hotel. They were going to cook us dinner, but we were so late that we figured they would have gone on without us. Got there around 10:15 and they had actually waited on us for dinner! It was so suprising and so nice of them and we chilled there and had a nice pasta dinner with all of them and it was a nice time. :) So that was really cool and we left there around like 11:45 or something and then took a pretty, leisurely walk down by the ocean towards our hostel. Got back around 12:15 and then Liz and I read our book together for 30 minutes, chatted some and then split ways to go to bed.

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