Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Another day comes to a close

Well, not much big really happened today either. Got up at 6:45, showered and had a really good quiet time and prayer time before meeting Liz at 8:30 for Psalm and prayer and breakfast. Then PolySci class from 9-12 which was boring as always. I found a cool book on the Tower of Babel in the libary though and read that for the second half of class. :-P CLT let us out almost 20 minutes early too which worked out just awesomely because I was able to go down to Mendrisio by train and make five train reservations for our upcoming trips and then get back to the Casa just in time for lunch at 1. So that was sweet and put the final touches on our trip planning. :) Lunch went well and then after I started into writing my paper for creative writing class that is due tommorow. Didn't get all too much done before taking 45 minutes with Liz to go over our book together. That went well and then I spent some time on various other things to get done on my computer- I can't remember what now, but it seems like I was productive. Time flies. :-( Dinner was at 7 and was decent. After dinner, Liz and I had a really nice and productive talk from 8 until a bit after 9. After that we rolled up to the Pab where Rob was putting on his Mexican night. He cooked us all tacos and burritos and chips and all sorts of stuff. It was amazing and good and fun. :-D So that went well and we helped clean up before coming back down here to the library around 10:30ish. I helped Liz for a couple hours looking for summer jobs and possible co-ops for her and found some interesting possibilities that would hopefully pan out for her. :) Just got done with that a bit ago. Now, I'm just finishing this up and waiting to walk her up to the Pab and I'll get to bed!

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