Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I Can't Wait to Leave

I need to get out of here for spring break pronto or else I'm going to loose my mind! I've been planning for four days now and I'm still not done. It is IMPOSSIBLE to plan anything in foreign countries ahead of time and to find information on them. :-/ Anyhow, today was grueling. Got up at 7, showered, then tried to do some laundry but ran out of money, so went down to the Casa to get one of the workers to put money on my card, but they weren't in yet, so I waited around until 8:30 for them to get in, but they still didn't, so I raced back up to the Pab and got Liz and we came back down to the Casa together in time for English class at 9. I don't know what we did because I was ingrained in planning for break. Planned more after class, had lunch at 1, then went back up and spent the afternoon in the library planning. At 2:30 I went over to the bus station and caught a train out to Lugano and made another train reservation for us to get back from Spain at the end of break. Got back here around 4 and then spent until 6:15 planning and had dinner then. We had an awesome dessert with dinner tonight. :D After dinner, planned more and more and got a lot done. (its almost done!!) At 9, Liz and I went out with lots of peeps and we went to the Mexican bar down the street to celebrate Corie's 21st birthday. It was fun and we chilled there until about 10:30. Just got in a bit ago, I think I'll head up to my room now and get to bed early because I'm pooped!

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