Thursday, March 03, 2005

Finally Leaving

Today, I have finally left for spring break! I'm writing this on the train on my laptop as I'm in transit to London. :) Got up at 7 after a nice restful sleep, showered, then had a grand quiet time for the first time in awhile. It was nice, then met Liz for breakfast at 8:30. PolySci class was from 9-12 and once again, I spent most of the time doing final planning for this trip. There was so much to do, it was ridiculous! Planned some more after class and had an entertaining talk on the phone with a lady who spoke only Spanish. I *think* I was able to reserve rooms for Liz and I at a place in Tossa de Mar, but I'm not too sure. :P Lunch was at 1, then after lunch I spent pretty much the whole afternoon putting together the finished touches on the trip. It was fairly stressful, but I got through it allright finally around 5 something. Then ran up to the Pab, packed in like 20 minutes, got Liz and we raced back down to the Casa for dinner at 6:15. Actually, we didn't race too much because it snowed a bunch here today again for the second time this week. Craziness because we hadn't gotten much snow before this week. Glad I'm going away! Dinner was quick, then we met up with Cori and we went to the train station together. She's actually taking the same train with us for a bit and then we're transferring, but then meeting on the same train again later. It was weird how it worked. But, anyhow, we're all here and making our way towards Paris where we will transfer to the Eurostar and head on to London. I hope I can get some sleep on the overnight train!

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