Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Clean Shaven

Today was okay. Got up around 7:15, showered, breakfast with Liz at 8:30, PolySci class from 9-12. Spent the whole class spring break planning. After class planned some more. Lunch was at 1, then after lunch spent more time planning until around 4:30 when I went out to catch a train to Mendrisio to make train reservations for break. The train I wanted to take to Mendrisio was cancelled so I was stuck at the station for like 40 minutes and then finally made it out there just before the train ticket office closed at 6. Then made it back in time to grab a little dinner at 6:30. After dinner I did some more planning before heading up the the Pab at 8. Tonight was Liz and I's big "American Breakfast". We cooked everybody sausage, eggs and french toast and it was awesome. Almost everyone, including the professors came out and hung out and it was a lot of fun. We spent so much time cooking food and Liz spent almost all afternoon preparing for it. Other people were nice too and helped with cooking and stuff, so it went really smoothly and was great fun for all. :-) Once we were finally all done cleaning up and stuff it was like 11:45. Then I went and shaved off my crazy stache, so now I'm just left clean-shaven once more! Yay! Time for bed. :)

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