Monday, February 28, 2005

The End of Facial Hair February

Yep, nothing much really happened today. Got up around 7:20, showered and met Liz for breakfast at 8:30. English class was from 9-12 and I spent most of the time on my laptop trying to plan for spring break. After class I did some more planning, ate lunch at 1, then did more planning. Around 4, Liz and I and Diane went out grocery shopping in Mendrisio and bought about $350 in breakfast food for our big "American breakfast" event that Liz and I are doing tommorow night. We're cooking eggs, sausage, french toast, etc for the people here to do something nice. Plus, we got to use the student fund to buy stuff so that was sweet. :P Got back from that around 6, then had dinner, then planned some more. At 8, called my mom for her birthday and chatted for almost an hour. Then did planning some more until a little after midnight. Liz and I walked up to the Pab and then the main event happened. February here has been "facial hair February", so all the guys on the trip have grown beards for all of February. March 1 is "stache bash", so we all shave the beards into an array of moustaches. I promised Liz a month ago that she could make mine into anything she wanted. So, we went up and she shaved my beard and its ridiculously funny looking. I have a long moustache that extends down below by mouth a little and then massive, thick sideburns almost the length of my head. It looks hilarious. Pictures shall be posted sometime soon I hope. :D So, that was fun and took some time, but now I'm getting to bed.

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