Sunday, February 27, 2005

Back Home

Well, today we made our way back to Riva from Munich. Started the morning off at 7, showered, then went down for breakfast around 7:40. Chilled and downed hot chocolate and had a good thinking time while I waited for Liz. She came down with Carmen at 8:30 and we had breakfast together. About an hour later Liz and I headed to an art museum across town. It was really sweet. It had mostly modern (1800s-early 1900s) art and it was awesome. I really enjoyed it a bunch unlike any art gallery I've seen here so far. A lot of the paintings were landscapes that were just beautiful. It was great stuff and a fun way to end our time in Munich. :) Made our way back to the train station around noon, grabbed an awesome bratwurst and a two-foot pretzel which was incredible and then trained back to Zurich and then from Zurich to here. It was a long train ride and we were able to get some good stuff done for trying to plan spring break. Finally got back around 8:30, had a quick "dinner" consisting of hot chocolate and an orange. Then I spent the rest of the evening trying to do more spring break planning. It absolutely sucks horribly and is like the worst thing to do ever. England is horrible for trying to find online travel info on- never go there. I'm stressed to the max! Anyhow, I gave up on that around 12:20, walked up to the Pab with Liz, chatted briefly in celebration of our 6 month anniversary today and now I'm off to bed finally.

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