Saturday, February 26, 2005

Munich Day 3

Today was okay. Got up at 7, showered, was down for breakfast around 7:45. Ate and then headed out with Liz's roomate here- Carmen. She was pretty cool and we wandered through Munich to a small park and then on to a huge cathedral which was sweet. Then, hurried back towards our hostel because we thought our group was meeting there at 1, but we ran into another group that knew our group and found out that we were supposed to meet back at the Glockenspiel- pretty much where we had just come from. :-/ So, we walked back with them but couldn't find our group so we just chilled about. Got some awesome pastries from an amazing desert/snacks shop that were incredible! Then at noon, watched the wooden characters on the Glockenspiel clock do their dance to a bell tune. It was neat. Then Liz and I wandered around to some shops and stuff and eventually got to a neat little cafe around 1:45. We decided to stop there for a late lunch, but couldn't read the menu, so we randomly picked something and it ended up being amazing! It was this incredibly good veggie quiche with a sweet salad. It all tasted so good. =) So we ate, then chilled and chatted for a long time before finally heading out of there around 4. We decided to check out this "weird-things" museum because it sounded fun, so we headed there and it was okay and definitley weird. They had displays of old perfume, easter bunnies, pedal cars, and chamber pots amoung other things. It was really strange and not quite as fun as I had envisioned. Oh well. So, we wandered around Munih some more and saw some cool shops, then got back to the hostel in time to meet up for dinner with the rest of the grup at 7. We went out to a nice restraunt and I got some viener shnizel and potato salad stuff and it was very, very good. :D I loved it and we had a pretty decent time there. Left around 10:30 then Liz and I took the tram back to the hostel, talked a small bit and now I'm ready to roll into bed.

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