Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Page Is Turned

Word for today is happy. Today was a very nice day. :-) Got up at 6:30, showered, then had a really nice quiet time for a little over an hour. At 8:30 had breakfast with Liz, then had English class from 9-12. After class, tried to do some planning for our Italy trip, but didn't have much luck with it. Lunch was at 1, then after lunch, did a little more unsucessful planning before having Italian class at 2:15. Class was fairly nice and went by quick today, so that was cool. After class, Liz and I joined in with a lot of other peeps and we got together a kickball game at 4. It was pretty fun for the most part, but I didn't stretch much and I think I really strained my thigh-muscles quite bad. Gonna be a long night! After the game, I headed up to Pabiana for a bit and started writing my paper for English before dinner at 7. Dinner was very good as always, then Liz and I went up to Pabiana and wrote our papers together. We worked from about 8-10:30 on them and got them done pretty well. I really enjoyed doing mine actually. It's creative writing about an adventure we had in Venice and it's slightly beefed up also. :P I liked it. So, that got all done, and we walked down here to Maderni to submit our papers and do other stuff like this blog on the Web. About to walk back up to Pabiana now and turn in for the night. :)

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
I'm so excited to finally have a little bit of joy and hope in life again. Today was so much fun for me and just a great answer to prayer finally. The key is spending time with God. I've had two days now of good quiet times and great prayer times with Him and He's really helped me to get back on track a little. God is the key to sorting out my stew in my brain and giving me a purpose and goal. I also want to get back to my perspective of focusing on living each day, or each hour at a time, rather than being so concerned about my entire life, or past, or future. It makes more sense and is simpler just to focus on the "now" and ask for God's guidance with that. I think if I do that, I'll be able to look back on all of this and see God's purposes in everything. :)

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