Thursday, February 03, 2005

Falling Down

Okay peoples, going to be a short blog tonight because I'm in a major hurry. I have to pack for a 10-day trip that I have to be up for at 5am tommorow and I haven't even began to think about packing. :-( Today went okay. Got up at 6:30, showered and had a good quiet time, amidst rushing around and trying to do laundry. Went down for a rushed breakfast with Liz around 8:45 and then had PolySci class from 9-12. I think it was the most boring class this semester...I was just dying by the end of it. :-/ After class, spent the first few hours of the afternoon trying to plan the final weekend of our Italy trip with a brief break for lunch at 1. The planning was painful and we just couldn't get anything to work out. Finally, Liz and I decided to just get outside, so we took a walk around outside a bit after 4. We got to see more of Riva that we had not explored and sat by the lake a little as the sun went down. It was really pretty and we got a chance to talk a lot of things over together, which was nice. :) Talked some more in the Maderni library when we came back, then had dinner at 7. After dinner, walked over to the Taylor's apartment to ask them if they wanted to travel with us the next weekend. Ended up being there for about an hour which was rather painful because we REALLY needed to go, but they're so nice, it's just really hard to pull away. Anyhoo, we came back here, made some reservations and more planning stuff and now Liz and I are about to have hot chocolate with Robin, an architecture student here whom I knew back freshman year when she was in Cru with me. So, this should be fun, and then we need to get on our horses and REALLY get packing because we also need sleep. So, anyhow, adios, adieu, goodbye and goodnight! I doubt I'll have any internet access for the next 10 days, so all you blog addicts will have to wait until the 14th for my next blog (and catch-up blogs). We'll be gone in Rome, Assisi, Florence, Sienna, Pisa, Pompeii, and probably some other smaller places as well. I can't wait! Cheers! :D

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