Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Country Rode

The word for today is boring. Not very much happened, really. Tried to get into a new habit this morning and woke up at 6:30. Showered and stuff, then had a really nice quiet time. Started into Matthew in order to try and gain a new perspective on Christ's life. I think I could use that. Anyhow, that was nice, then had breakfast with Liz at 8:30, PolySci class from 9-12, then lunch at 1. All went okay and I got a little bit of initial planning for the Italy trip done during the early afternoon and also got to emailing a million people whom I owed emails to. About 3 or so, I went up to Pabiana and started working on my PolySci paper on Switzerland government. I think that was the most painful paper I've ever written. I could not get motivated for it at all and it was like every word I typed sucked life out of me. So, I spent about 6 hours on it with about 40 minutes break for dinner at 7, which was okay. Finally finished the paper a little while ago. Ugh! :-/ Then, did a little accounting and stuff which was good to square away. Going to bed now, so I can get up earlier again tommorow.

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