Saturday, February 12, 2005


Well today was a mild day for the most part. Got up around 7:45 and then took a shower, unknowing that there was no hot water. It was the absolute most frigid shower I've ever taken, it was just ridiculous! I felt like the shower was sleeting. :P So, after that debacle I met Liz a bit after 8:30 and we went down and ate breakfast together. Then caught the 9:45 train and went off to Bellinzona, a nice little town about an hour north of us. It is a really pretty town settled amongst the Alps and it had three cool castles in it. We went shopping for a little bit and then ventured around the biggest castle which was fun and then settled down for a nice picnic lunch around noon in the grass on top of the castle. It was a beautiful sunny day and pretty warm as well, so we ended up chilling there and just chatting for over 3 hours. It was quite nice. :) Then wandered the castle some more, thought that we got locked in it, but then realized that we were just stupid Americans and had to push the door instead of pulling it open. We felt really dumb, lol. Walked around a bit more then caught the 4:45 train back to Riva. Had a nice dinner at 6:15 and then tooled around on the computer for a bit. At 8, Liz started the cutting-my-hair marathon. :P She did a great job on it and by the time we were all done and cleaned up, it was right about 11. hehe. It looks grand though. Then we went down the street to the Mexican bar to be supportive of our friend Robin who was celebrating her birthday. It was insane there and certainly an odd experience to say the least. We after 25 minutes or so and came back here and blogged. Shall sleep now.

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