Friday, February 11, 2005

Back To Riva

Hello folks, today I came back to Riva, Switzerland. The day went like this- got up at 7, cleaned up, ran over to the train and bus station at 8, got lots of travel information, then got back to the hotel by 8:30 and started having breakfast. As I was eating the Taylors, who were going to come with Liz and I on our travels to a couple of other Italian towns this weekend, decided that they weren't going to come. The first problem was that a lot of the Italian trains were on strike, so travel was shaky, and then their hotel reservations were not working out well, so that was shaky also and they decided it wasn't worth it. So that put Liz and I in a stressful pinch because we wanted someone to come with us this weekend and it was about 8:40 and the bus with all the students heading back to Riva was leaving at 9. Liz and I thought quick and prayed and decided it would make most since to head back also. So we dropped our breakfast (literally) and raced out the door, down the streets of Florence, and made the bus just in time. It was hectic! So, that was that. I'm a little disappointed in not getting to see a couple of the places I wanted to, but its okay, I'm sure this will be for the best. Liz seems happier about it too, so thats good. :) The bus ride home went well and we got here a bit before 2. From 2-4:30 or so I chilled out on the porch of Pabiana and worked on my computer in the beautiful afternoon weather here. It really warmed up since the last time I was here! I got all my new trip pictures up online (check out my normal pictures section). Then spent a little time with Liz before going out to dinner with the Taylors. We went to a pizzeria in Riva at 6:30 with them. Liz and I split a really good pizza that had ham and egg cooked on top of it. It's so good! :D We had a nice time with the Taylors and I finally got back to the Casa around 8:30 or so. Since then, I've been catching up to my online activites that I've missed for the past 8 days. I had 64 emails and only one of them remotely mattered at all to me. :-/ So, that's been my evening. Got a lot done, but now I think I need to do some more laundry and then get to bed.

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