Thursday, February 10, 2005


Today was decent. Got up a little after 7, got ready, had breakfast at 8 and then went off with the big group at 8:30. We walked over to the Uffizi Gallery and stood in line outside for over an hour in the freezing cold. That kinda sucked, but we finally were able to get in. It was a huge gallery of art and we spent the rest of the morning in there mulling over pieces. I enjoyed it a lot for the most part. I don't normally get too much of a kick out of art museums, but with Liz, we chat about the pieces and point things out to each other andthat makes it a lot more fun. So, that was cool. :) After the art museum, Liz and I had some hot chocolate with the Taylors, then raced off around 1 to find some lunch. On the way, we stopped at this statue over the river where lots and lots of couples have taken locks, put there names on them, and then locked them to the fence around the statue. I'm not sure what the significance is, but regardlesss, Liz and I took one of the small locks we had, personalized it, then locked ourself to it as well. :) Now, we're stuck in Venice together forever AND stuck in Florence together forever. :D Then we found a kinda fast food place and split a quick pizza which was great. It was ham, mushroom, artichoke and egg. The egg was cracked in the middle of the pizza and then just warmed up with the rest of the pizza so it wasn't fully cooked. I didn't think I'd like it much, but man, it was great! :) It was stinkin good and filling and fast in the clutch, so that was awesome. :) After lunch, we raced back across town and made it in time to meet the rest of the group at the Accdemia Art Gallery. This is where Michaelangelo's statue of David is at, so we got to see that. It really is very huge and very amazing and very real, just like I've heard. Very, very cool. :) So, we spent a lot of time on that, saw some other art and scuplture in that museum and then mosied along. Liz and I left and wandered around Florence the rest of the afternoon and early evening. We walked a bit and then found a nice common area park that was pretty. We chilled there and chatted a bit and then decided to finally have a good prayer time together. We ended up praying for just over 50 minutes and it was awesome. :) I was so happy that we finally got to do that and give back to God a little for what all He's given us. :) After our prayer time, it was almost 5:30, so we ventured around trying to find a good gelateria. The ones we found either weren't good, or were too expensive, so we finally settled upon the one that is next to our hotel. It was good and not extremely expensive and we scarfed down some gelato right before dinner at 8. Dinner was back at the same resteraunt and it was great tonight. We had an awesome steak and potatoes dinner. :) :) Quality. Dinner was over around 9:15, then Liz and I walked over to the train/bus station to try and plan stuff for tommorow, but it wasn't open, so we'll go back in the morning. Came back here and chilled out for a bit and am doing some packing because we have to go off to our hostel to stay for the next two nights, starting tommorow night. I guess I'll go to bed in a short bit.

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