Monday, February 14, 2005

Slow Day

Yep, not much really happened today. Dragged out of bed around 11 and was stoked for sleeping in for the first time in a long while. :) Showered up and had a nice quiet time, then met Liz a bit after 12:30 and we went down for lunch together. After lunch, I came back up to the Pabiana and worked on my computer. I finally got all my old pictures into a new format and fixed most of the pages. I worked on that pretty much all afternoon and evening. I spent about an hour and a half in the evening trying to plan a nice Valentine's Day dinner for Liz and I, but it was really hard to find any information about good resteraunts around here. Also had dinner at 7 which was decent. A bit after 10, Liz and I got together and we talked and prayed about some stuff and worked out some thoughts and issues. It was a good heart-to-heart. :) Ended that around 12:30 and shall now rest.

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