Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sound The Warning

hiya. Good day today. Got up at 7, made a great big breakfast of cheesy eggs and sausage. :) :) Then had a grand quiet time and great prayer time. I was really stoked about it and had a good focus on God all morning. :) Then, got lots and lots of stuff done that needed to get done as far as bills and stuff before I leave for Europe. That was great, then a little after 2, I went over and picked up Liz. We went out to do some errands. Ate leftover Backstreet's pizza in the car together and then ran around doing errands. It was fun. Then came back to her house and spent an hour working on finding a good exchange rate so that we can exchange some money for Euros before we go over there. That was tiring and stressful. So then we chilled out and started reading the book Hines Feet on High Places. That was very nice. :) Had dinner with them and then spent awhile with Liz helping her make a pecan pie and clean up the kitchen and stuff. It's always an interesting time with her in the kitchen. :P Turned out good though and around 8:30 we went out shopping. Went to Target and Books a Million and she got some things and such. Got back around 10:30, ate pecan pie together and chatted, then chatted some more, then chatted. :D I love chatting with my Liz. :) :) So, it was a very nice day and I got back here around 12:30 or so. Guess I should rest!

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