Monday, January 03, 2005

On Your Way Out Of Here

:D Today was great. Got up at 7, then had breakfast and a super-splendid quiet time in Romans 14 and a real nice prayer time. It's been awhile. :) After that, I got ready, then went and saw Liz at Best Wishes, then went over and had lunch at Wendy's with Liz's mom at 11:30. We had a great talk about stuff and it was very, very nice. :) After that, went back to see Liz at Best Wishes and we ended up having lunch together also around 1:15. Well, I guess I didn't eat, but it was great fun chatting. :P I had a massive craving to go golfing, since it was almost 70 out today, so I splurged on a golf pass for the year and went out. Teed off around 2:40 and finished up about 5:30. I played really great! Shot a 82. :) I was just striking the ball so well, it felt great. I was quite stoked. So, that was a ton of fun, but I was exhausted after walking the 18 holes. I'm so out of shape! After golf, I went home and chilled, before picking Liz up at 6:45 and heading over to Backstreet's at 7. We met up with the Taylor's for dinner there. Professor Taylor is our Political Science teacher in Switzerland this coming semester, and we've been making good friends with him and his wife. They're really nice people and believers also, so it's really exciting getting to know them. :) So, dinner went great, then they invited us over to their house afterwards, so we went there and chatted for a long time further. It was very nice. :) Finally, dropped Liz back off at home around 11, then came back here and chatted to my mom on the phone for about 30 minutes. I'm so exhausted, plus I think I'm getting ill. :-/ Better get to bed! (and take my Vitamin C...thanks Mom! :P )

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ah yes, I thought that should be made abundantley clear.