Sunday, January 02, 2005


...I am, I am. :) God is good and very faithful with me. Today was nice. Got up at 7 and had some time to pray a little and try to focus before church. Went to Sunday school at 9:30, but there wasn't one and I didn't know about it. Liz forgot too and showed up, so we ended up spending the time talking out some things which was good. Then had church, which went okay. We watched John Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life" message on tape again, which was good to see a second time and remember the stuff he talked about. After church, I went home and made some lunch. Then spent most of the afternoon in prayer and reading some Psalms, off and on. It was really, really awesome and helped my attitude a bunch. God is great! :D Our new roomate Tracy came in a little after 5, so I helped her move her stuff in and get settled. She seems pretty nice. :) I went to evening church at 6 and really enjoyed that, getting a chance to worship God again with a much better heart than I had this morning. Was a lot of fun. Then Liz and I went to Mill Mountain afterwards, split a chai, and spent some good quality time reading 2 Timothy together and talking about things and praying together. It was really nice to do finally. :) Just got back from that a little before 10. My head is killing me though, so I'm definitely going to bed now.

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
I haven't posted deep thoughts on here in a long time. I should start again. Like I said above, God is very good and very faithful. I've been highly unfaithful to Him for awhile now and finally today I've been able to humble myself enough to admit that to Him and it's be awesome. He's really helped me to find some joy in the midst of my current struggles and I really feel some desire to be His again and to live my life for Him. I haven't felt this pull in awhile, so I'm excited. :) I was able to take advantage of it tonight by finally getting me and Liz to have a Bible study together. We haven't done that in so long and mostly because my desire to do so hasn't been there. I just really want to now and make sure that God is leading our relationship. So, it's a good start, but it's going to take a lot of work and time and most of all lots of prayer. :)

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