Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kind Intentions

Good evening. :) Today was nice. Got up at 8, spent about an hour surfing the web, then spent the next hour having a nice quiet time and prayer time, which was really awesome. Then cleaned up and went out to Liz's to pick her up around 11:15 or so. We went and exchanged lots of money for Euros at the bank and then took care of a couple other errands. Took her back home and then I came back to my place and had lunch and spent the early afternoon doing research on stuff in order to plan the program I wanted to write. I learned a lot of cool tricks and then plotted out my program on paper. Went back to Liz's at 4 and hung out there with her and started writing my program. I'm stoked about it; it's about 50% done and doing great so far! :D I can't believe I'm coding over my break, lol. Guess I'm now and official geek! So, I worked on that, then we had dinner and ran off to Awana at 6:30. Awana went pretty well; nothing too crazy this week and I had a nice time. Afterwards, me, Liz, Doug, and Laura went over to Mill Mountain to hang out. It was a really fun time. :) After that, we came back to Liz's house and then we all decided to take a quick walk down to the pond. It was rather warm and nice out this evening. :) 'Twas fun, then came back for pecan pie dessert. mmm! :H Grubbed down, then chatted with Liz a bunch, then came back here by midnight. Guess I shall sleep now!

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