Friday, January 07, 2005

Have You Seen Me Lately?

Wow, I'm really, really tired. So, today was busy but good. Was up at 7:30, surfed the Web for an hour, then had a good quiet time and prayer time for the next hour. Then I spent the rest of the morning finishing writing my program. I finally got it all done and working at about 1:15 in the afternoon. I'm so stoked, now I can post my photos in like 30-60 seconds a page instead of like 1-2 hours a page. This will save me gobs of time!! :D So, got that done, then rushed out to pick up Liz. In my rush I slipped on my wet concrete steps and really contorted my back pretty bad. It really just put a damper on the rest of my day cause I've been in pretty decent pain ever since then. :-/ Oh well... So, anyhow, got Liz around 2:15 and we drove over to Solomon and Danielle's house to visit them up in Lynchburg. We got a little lost and got there around 4:30ish. Then spent the evening with them which was very nice. Went out to dinner at a little Italian place and got some pizza, then came back and played Phase 10 for about 2 1/2 hours. It was nice and cool to see them. :) Then made the long drive back, took Liz home and got back here about 1am. I can't wait to go to bed and get absolutely no sleep because I'm writhing in pain!! (*heavy sarcasm*)

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