Friday, January 07, 2005

Brand New

Well, that was a largely uneventful day. Got up at 8:30, had a good quiet time and such. Then started coding on my program around 10. I worked pretty much the whole day on tweaking the program to perfection, then using it to make new picture pages, then writing another program to automatically parse the descriptions from the old picture pages and stick them into the new pages. That took some doing, but then I got that done and used that, then made new index pages for my different categories of pictures. I finally got everything completed around 9 tonight. So, I've been working on this project on my computer for just about 11 hours today. :-/ Oh well, I'm glad its finally done! It will save me tons and tons of time in the future. :) I've been trying to upload the new picture pages to my server, but my FTP client is being gay and not working too well. :-/ Blech, I guess I'll let it run tonight. Anyhow, so I got done with the programming and such, then spent the last 2 hours or so starting to go through my stuff and pack things up to run off to Europe next week. I got quite a bit done, so I was real stoked about that. I don't feel so lost and anxious anymore. :P I think I'd like to get to bed early tonight cause I feel exhausted!

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