Sunday, January 09, 2005

Pay For What You Get

Hello peeps...I'm super tired. Today was nice though. Got up at 7, noticed that my pictures were done uploading, then spent about an hour going through each page and checking for problems. Found quite a few, plus found that having the 3 sizes created way too much space on my server and I exceeded my storage limit, which is a real bummer because I'll have tons and tons of more pics to put up. :-/ Ah well, this just means I have to change a little bit of code which won't take too long, but then I have to re-run the programs on all my pictures again and re-upload them which will take forever. :-( Oh well. So, after that I decided it would be good to have quiet time, so I spent the next hour doing that. Since I'm finally finished with Romans, I decided to start a new study in Galatians. Good stuff. :) So, once I finished with that I started back into packing stuff for Europe. I went through just about everything in my room and threw it into a big heap in my suitcase. I'm stoked that I got through so much stuff though and I really felt accomplished. :) Anyhow, I then went over to Liz's around 4 and we went to visit her friend Miss Betty, but she wasn't home. So we came back and started making dinner for her family. We cooked up a big chicken feast for everyone and it turned out just great. :) So, we all had dinner and dessert together. Then watched the movie Chariots of Fire which was okay. I left after that around 11:45, came back, then Liz called about 12:20am and we ended up talking until about 5 minutes ago. :P It was a really, really good talk though. I feel a lot better about some things. God is good. :D

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