Monday, January 10, 2005

Red Hill Mining Town

Well, today was another long day. Got up at 8:30, then rushed around to get ready for church. Picked up Liz and Doug at 9:25 and raced over to church in time for Sunday school. Gene Ziesel was back and he had a great message for Sunday school and then church went well also. I was feeling rather sad and sentimental since this is my last Sunday here until May. I'm going to miss a lot of people, I think more than I thought I would. Plus, I'm going to miss really good worship. Hopefully we'll find somewhere good for church over there. Anyhow, then after church we came back to Liz's and had lunch with the family. Then around mid afternoon, Liz and I tried Miss Betty again, to no avail, then went to Wal-Mart and Liz got a bunch of stuff that she needed. That went really well. Got back from that and lazed around a bit until evening church at 6. Went nicely, we said our last goodbyes, then raced back to her house for her advance birthday dinner/party with her family. It was really nice and fun. :) I left around 10 so Liz could get some stuff done, came back here, surfed the Web, then decided to start work finally on my blog for Europe pictures. It's just about done, but needs a litle more tweaking, I think. :) It's gotten so late though that I can hardly think about it anymore, so I think I'll just restart work in the morning. :)

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