Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Final Night...

...in the Burg for quite some time. It's rather sad in a way. :-/ Oh well. Well, looking back on today, it was tiresome. Got up at 7 after about 5 hours sleep, worked on some Web stuff a little, then had a quiet time. Around 10, started working on packing all my stuff into my bags and then cleaning up the "leftovers" and moving them out. At noon, I picked up Liz and we went to Backstreets where we met up with a bunch of the peeps from Harvest for lunch. It was really nice to get to see them one last time and we had quite a fun time. :) That went for about 2 hours, then Liz and I ran a couple errands about town and I got her back home about 2:45. Then came back to my place and packed stuff like a madman in addition to doing a bunch of last-minute things, like suspending my cell phone service. Did have a guy come over to look at my room for sublease and he's pretty interested, but is having difficulty with getting off-campus permission from the school or something. So, I'm hoping he'll pan out, but it's tough to say. Anyhow, it was a VERY stressful afternoon and early evening. Finally got everything done and went over to Liz's about 7:30ish and hung out with her. Had a nice final dinner with her family, then helped her with her packing and stuff. Brad and Bec came over a little after 11 to say adieu which was nice of them. They hung out for a bit, then I chilled with Liz some more and chatted/helped her pack until like 1:15. We got to go on a quick, sentimental walk down the street for our last night, which was nice. :) I left her place about 1:30, came back her now and shall promptly sleep!

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