Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Road Trippin'

Ah, today was a good day. Dragged out of bed at 7, then hurridly finished packing and whatnot around my place. Left and went over to Liz's around 9. We had a nice omelet breakfast that Laura made us. mmm! :D Spent some time with her family before heading off for a long time. Left their house around 11, went to TJ Maxx to return my coat, then went by her parents shop and said a final goodbye to them which was nice. :) Finally hit the road for home around 11:45. The trip up went well, with nothing major happening and had a nice time being with Liz. :) Got home in 4 hours, just in time for an early dinner with my family a little after 4. After that, we all went out to Loudoun County High School to watch my sisters play in their high school basketball games against them. It was pretty cool. Came back here and just chilled out a little bit, played some ping-pong with Liz and stuff. I'm pretty tired though, so I think I'll go to bed real early tonight so I can get some stuff done in the morning. :)

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