Thursday, January 13, 2005

Coding Madness

Wow, today has been crazy. Got up at 7, had a really good quiet time and such. Then took a shower and started into some stuff on the internet. Liz woke up later and we had breakfast together. Then started into doing some work and stuff. I worked on writing this program to post pictures to my Europe blog easily and she worked on some things. We did that until about 3:30, when we got tired of it and had a late lunch together. Then had a nice Bible study time together until about 5 or so. After that, Liz partook of cutting my hair. She did a great job! :) At around 7:30, we went out with my family to Countryside Cafe for dinner and got their pizza which I love. :H :H Great stuff and we had a really fun time. Came back home for dessert, then I spent some time with Liz and loving on Shadow because she was so jealous of Liz. :P Then got back into working on my program. I've been zoned on this thing. Liz gave up and went to bed around midnight, but I've been going strong, lol. But, it's paid off and it's now complete and fully functional!! Yay!! Now I shall finally go to sleep. :)

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