Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Drive In, Drive Out

Today was nice. Got up at 7, showered and such, had a good quiet time, then met Liz for breakfast at 8:30. The morning was beautiful. It was snowed a little last night and that cleared out all the fog and such, so it was just the clearest morning we have seen here yet and was beautiful with the snow on the rooftops and the mountain and such. :) Breakfast was nice, then we had English class at 9. It went okay and then we had lunch at 12:15 which was cool too. I was really tired though this morning and rather stewed up about some stuff and was just dragging most of the day. Didn't feel very joyful at all. :-/ After lunch, hung around the Pab a bit, then a big group of people were taking a train to Medrizio- a little town next to us. The afternoon was warm and just perfectly beautiful, so I refused to take the train and prefered to take the 45-minute walk. Liz came with me, but everyone else was lazy, but I guess that's okay, because it was nice to be alone for awhile. We had a nice walk over there and then spent a little time in the town. There was a big outlet-shop mall there called Fox Town which was really nice. We wandered around in there a bit and got some good ice cream together. :) It's cool shopping and being around other people, because it really gives you a good flair and feeling for the culture and how things are. It was rather hard trying to order ice cream and just survive when you don't know Italian well, though! :) We had a nice time overall. It was an interesting place too, because there was a big casino connected to the mall. Kinda weird. We went in there briefly and looked around, but the lady at the desk was giving me weird looks and I think she was asking me for my passport, but I'm not sure. So we left. :P After that, we walked back to Riva and stopped along the way and sat and talked about some really good stuff. It was a really nice heart-to-heart that Liz and I haven't had in a while. I got a lot of stuff out I think and it really helped. We got back to Riva just in time for dinner at 7 and dinner was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed chatting with some of the other guys. :) After dinner, I got a bunch of stuff done in the computer lab and emailed a lot of people that I had been meaning to for quite some time. Liz and I went back up to the Pab a little after 9 and then got together around 9:30 or so and worked on writing down some thoughts in our journal and talking some more things out. That was really grand too and we did that until just a little while ago. I'm going to bed now, so I can get up early. :)

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