Thursday, January 20, 2005

Coding Day

Wow, the day is done...that went by fast. Got up early, at 6:30, (w00t!), showered, had a good quiet time and even read a little for PolySci, then met Liz for 8:30 breakfast. PolySci was at 9; it went pretty well. I was awake at least and we got out almost a half hour early. :D After class, I started into working on lots of projects. I emailed people that I needed to, did some billing/money stuff, then started into writing the programs for Li and I so that we can post our pictures online really quick. I pretty much worked on that from 3 until just about right now, with an hour break for a good dinner. :) But, I finally got both programs working great, so we will be posting lots of pictures once we get back from Venice after this weekend! :) Have a good weekend everyone! :)

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