Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Overflowing With Pop

...apparently, Liz is not. :P So, today was decent. Got up at 7 and felt really tired because I didn't sleep incredibly well. So, I kinda dragged quite a bit as I showered and got ready for the day. Had a nice quiet time for 30 mins, then met Liz at 8:15. We crammed a little for a quiz on a syllabus that ended up not really mattering much anyhow, then had some breakfast. Our Political Science class was from 9-12 with a 30 minute break. It went okay, but I was rather bored for the most part and very tired. One of the program directors came in and she spoke for awhile about stuff here, but I kept nodding off. :-/ Finally, class ended and we had a good lunch at 12:15. :) After lunch, Liz and I hung around the Maderni and worked on various homework stuff together. It went pretty well and I felt like we got some good stuff done. We had dinner at 7 and got to sit together alone and had a really nice talk which was grand and really improved my day. :D After dinner, we chilled around for a bit, then went down with the whole group to a bar in Riva. It was the most like clean, chill bar I've ever been in. It was actually more like a house with like plants and pictures and stuff and was light and pretty and they had like a family serving us and brought us free peanuts and Italian cake which was great! :H So, we hung out with the group for about an hour before they got too crazy and left about 10:30. Now I'm back in Maderni bloggin, will probably chat with Liz for a few, then try to get to bed before too long. :)

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