Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Today was rather boring, that is all really. I got up at 8 and had breakfast and a really nice quiet time. Then around 10 I started working on planning out details for the Europe trip. Did that until 1, when I picked up Tony and we drove over to Wegman's to meet Tim on his lunch break at 1:30. We couldn't find him anywhere, so we ate alone. Then after lunch, we found him working around 2:30 and chatted briefly. Oh well. Then got back around 3 and worked on more Europe research until almost 8 tonight. Got a ton of stuff completed and sorted out for that. :) Then had dinner and then emailed a bunch of old friends from work to try and keep in touch with them. After that, for the next couple hours, I worked on completing a calendar of events that Liz and I have done since the end of April together. That is the time when I first started blogging, so I can go back and read old blogs to remember the events. That was a ton of fun to go through old stuff and remember my summer and such. :) I also got to chat with Liz on the phone for awhile tonight. 'Twas so grand to hear her. :H And then, just got all done with that calendar project a little bit ago. I guess I should sleep now. :)

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