Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Miller's Angels

Howdy! Well, today was okay. Dragged myself up at 6am, then frantically finished packing and moving stuff into my car. It was SO cold this morning...I can't remember ever being so cold. WeatherBug said it was -2 with -24 wind chill. :O I made 3 trips from my door to my car and had my leather gloves on and by the time I got into my car, I could hardly feel my fingers. :-/ Then, along the way, just before I merged onto 81, my windshield was so cold, that the moisture from my breath had been collecting on the windshield and then started freezing on the INSIDE! I had the heat on and everything, yet, there I was, scraping ice off the inside of my windshield while attempting to merge onto the interstate. Mmm...good times, lol. :P Anyhow, I had left the house about 6:40 and then had a long drive up north. It went okay, but I kept falling asleep. Ugh. :-/ Finally, got up to Fairfax around 10:40 and then made it to the dentist 5 minutes before my appointment at 11am. I went in there and like fell asleep, I was so out of it, haha. Got done with them cleaning my teeth a little before noon, then drove home and unloaded, talked to my dad a bit, and had lunch. Then my mom came home and we chatted a bit and stuff and Jon made a brief appearance, so it was cool to see him. Then, I was feeling so out of it and decided to take a nap at about 2. I slept until almost 6. lol. Wow, I was tired! So, got up and then Tony came over to say hi, and I talked to him and we hung out until about 8:30 or so. 'Twas cool to see him. :) Then, my sisters came home from basketball practice and we had dinner. Then from about 9:30 until now, I've been working on planning more detailed schedules for Europe travelling and trying to decide things about that and how to spend money. My head hurts now though, so I think I shall rest on all this until the morning. :)

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