Thursday, December 23, 2004

Big Eyed Fish

Howdy blogger! Well, today was decent. Got up at 8, had a good breakfast and quiet time. Then started into redesigning my website around 10. I worked on that pretty much the rest of the morning and then all afternoon and early evening until about 7. I got a lot done on it and have posted the front page. I kinda like the's not exactly what I want, but I guess it can do for now. The code is much cleaner at least. :) At 8, I met Tim and Tony over at Regal and we watched the new movie Meet the Fockers, a sequel to Meet the Parents, tonight. It was really pretty hilarious. I wasn't expecting too much, but I was pleasantly amused. After the movie was over, we went to McDonald's to snack until like 11, then we betted with Tony on something, so he offered to buy us a round at Sweetwater since Tim was going out of town tommorow for a week. So we went there for a round and had a nice time talking. Left about 11:45, then talked to Liz on the phone for 15 minutes. Then we went over to Friday's, but it was really loud and sucked, so we left at 12:15 and just went home. Had a nice time though. Now for bed! :)

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