Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

To all...
:-) Today was nice. How could it not be? It's Christmas! w00t! So, anyhow, like many Christmases before, I lazed out of bed around 10 or so, then lazed around with the family, then decided around noon that we should probably open presents. So we did...a long, grueling, 4 hour plus affair to open up each present one by one for every person. hehe, it was nice though. Always is. :) I got some great stuff that I asked for to help in my Europe travels, so that was great. :) After that, we had a great lasagna supper. mmm! Then, watched a movie that Jon bought, I-Robot, which was pretty cool actually. Much better than I would have thought. Then took a small break before watching an older movie called Stepford Wives which was really weird, but neat as well. :) That just got over a little bit ago, and that concludes my day. I think I'll call some friends now and then go to bed early. :)

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