Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well, today was pretty nice. Got up at 8, had breakfast and a nice quiet time and then was feeling really lazy. I ended up cat-napping with Shadow off and on for about two hours, lol. I'm such a sloth. Finally, I got and organized lunch with my buds. Me, Tony, Scott, Ken and Mike D. went out at 12:30 for lunch at King's Buffet. It's the biggest, best Chinese buffet around. We had a great time and lots of fun there and I was so stuffed by the time we left around 2:30. :D Then, came home and spent the afternoon and early evening working on my blog and website. Got it all fixed up to how I like it, but it was rather tedious. Got done with that at like 7, then had dinner with the fam and then spent a few hours playing Nintendo games with Jon and my sisters. That was rather fun. :) Stopped that a little after 11, then Liz called and we chatted for 20 minutes or so. Yay for Liz, the coolest girl around! :-D That was nice, and I just got done with that a bit ago. I think I'll sleep now and dream of many presents! :)

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