Monday, December 27, 2004


Wow, I'm tired. Today was mightly long. Got up at 7 and had a good quiet time and spent a lot of time just thinking too about stuff. It was nice. :) Then spent some time getting stuff organized and packing up a bit to leave back for Blacksburg. Then, me, Tony, Scott and Ken met a little before 12 at Countryside Cafe for lunch. We got some of their die for. I heart that restraunt. :) So, we had a really good time there together before splitting up around 1:15. I came back and finished getting stuff packed up and ready to roll. Then spent over an hour chatting with my mom about some good stuff. :) That was nice, then got to packing stuff in the car. Had to fit a whole weight bench/mini-gym, tons of weights, 2 big suitcases, a few bags, and clothes in my car. It was a good squeeze, but we got it all in eventually. :) I was finally able to get outta town at about 5 and then went over to Sean's house in Winchester. Got there at 6 and we hung out for a bit before going over to B-Dub's to get some wings and chill there. It was good stuff, except for watching the Skin's choke at the last minute to the Cowboys, like they always do. :-/ We came back to Sean's at 8 and then just chatted for quite awhile. I got to play with Chance-dog some too. He's the best! :) So, we had a really good time and I was really happy to see him and talk with him. Left there around 9:30 and hit the interstate for Blacksburg. Had a nice drive down, it was pretty quiet. Got to chat with Liz on the phone for an hour too. :D Got here about 12:45 or so, then unpacked my stuff and whatnot. 'Bout to pass out promptly!

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