Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Hey it's back

yay! Blogger was down all morning, so I couldn't blog, so I shall now about yesterday. Yesterday, I got up at 7, got ready for class, then had my last Geo lab and last science lab EVER at 8. It went well, then I got out of there and went over to the library. I had a great quiet time for over an hour there and it was just really awesome. I started taking notes again and getting back into my Romans study which I had postponed for like 2 months. It was really cool doing that again. :) That was great, then went to Geo class at 11; it was useless, then went to peeps lunch, had a good time, then walked with Liz over to Torgerson where we chatted for about 45 minutes. Then at 2, she needed to work on her website in the computer lab, so I went in and helped her with some stuff and then ended up staying there the whole time until almost 5 working with her. It was fun though. :) Then went home for a couple hours, then at 7 went back to campus for the last Riva meeting before we leave. Ugh, I can't believe it, there's so much to do before then! :-/ Meeting got out quick, then went with Liz at 8 back to her house and we had dinner with the fam and did some homework together and stuff. Then we stayed up until about 1am chatting and being goobers and stuff. It was good fun. :) Got home late and went right to bed.

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