Monday, November 29, 2004

My Own Prison

I created it. Why do I do CS I ask? Ugh...I'm SO happy this day is almost done. I'm dead. Let's throw out some numbers that are exact and not an exaggeration at all:

Over the last 41 hours since I woke up Sunday morning:
8 hours driving
22 1/2 hours of coding almost straight through
2 1/2 hours of sleep

I'm sooooo tired...ick. Anyhow, okay, blog time. I went to bed a little after I blogged this morning. Slept from 7:30am until about 10am. Then got up and started coding on my project again. I skipped both my classes and just kept coding the entire day and into the evening, pretty much straight without any food and small breaks to take leaks. Man it sucked. I don't think I've ever coded so much and so intently in such a small period of time. My head is about to explode. So anyhow, around 8pm, I checked the CS forum and McQuain made an extension onto the project until 8am on Wednesday. Apparently some other students called attention to the problems with his code, and he made a correct version. I was like, "ARRRGHGHHH...I stayed up all night messing with that crap, and now this!" Part of me is furious, but at the same time I'm happy because this saves me the late penalty, so that's good. And I got my project all done and turned in by about 10:30 tonight, so I don't have to worry on it any longer. I'm just going to be a wreck the rest of the week because of today and yesterday, but ah well, it's all good. Actually, I have two more sleepless nights to look forward to as I have a huge HCI project due on Thursday. Yay, college is so fun! I'm out.

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