Thursday, December 02, 2004


hello Blog. How was yesterday? Not bad. Got up kinda late, a little before 9, then just got ready for school and went into OS class at 10:10. It was fairly boring, but not too bad. Got through and then went over to Squires for about 45 minutes. Had another good quiet time there, then went to the library to look at some books for next semester before I went to Stats class at 12:20. Stats was pretty fun; McGill was hilarious with some of his stories. :P After class, I went to Kroger to get grub, then came home and set up a domain for Liz, and did a few other things before I went to Italian class at 4. Class was so boring, then after it, Liz and I went to Owens for dinner and it was fun. Went to Awana at 6:30 which ended up being really boring. Games were fun, but then the boys were wrapping presents, so I had nobody to teach, so I just stood around being bored for over an hour. :-/ Oh well, after Awana, all us peeps went out to Mill Mountain and hung out until like 10:15. It was quite fun as always. Liz and I got a gingerbread latte which was kinda curious. But, anyhow, she brought me back to my car, then I got back and spent the rest of the evening planning our HCI presentation for tommorow and then doing lots and lots of bills which had been piling up. Finally was able to slip into bed around 1:15.

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