Friday, December 03, 2004

New York Minute

Okay, quick blog. Yesterday was fun. Got up at 7 and had a good breakfast then quiet time, then did some more bills stuff, ran some errands, worked a little on thinking about the HCI presentation, then went to Geo class at 11. It was okay, got out at 12, then went to Squires and studied Italian for awhile, which was good to finally work on. Then went to Pamplin and met my HCI group there at 1:30 and we worked on quickly preparing our presentation. Then had class at 2. The presentation went really well- we made it kinda fun and did like a skit/demo thing which was kinda entertaining. :) Then after class, I went to Torgerson and helped Liz with her website project some more until a bit before 5. Then got home and made a taco and mexican rice dinner for Liz and I. She came over a little after 6 and we had a nice dinner. :) Then left together for the Bela Fleck & The Flecktones show in Burruss Hall at 8. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was awesome. I really enjoyed the show a bunch- Victor Wooten was off the hook on the bass; that man is insane. The whole group is so creative and so neat in so many ways. And Bela did some good solo stuff on the banjo and even played Hokie Pokie. :P It was really fun. Show got out around 11 and then I came back here and cleaned my room and messed around on my computer awhile until about 1am, then slept.

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