Thursday, December 09, 2004

Christmas Song

:-D Yay, today was awesome! :H Got up early at 7, had breakfast and a great quiet time, then started into studying for my Stats final from like 8-9:30. Then got ready for school and went off to OS class at 10:10. Last OS class ever, woo!! Probably last class with McQuain ever...not sure how I feel about that, cause he's hard, but he's a great teacher and keeps me entertained. hmm... :-/ So, done with that, then studied more Stats in Squires from 11-12, then went over to take the Stats exam. It was okay, but kinda long and my brain was mush when I got outta there. Then, I walked out and Liz was there to meet me, which was real exciting. :) We ended up going over to West End and we had a late lunch together and some really good talks. It was SO nice to be able to sit down with her and have a peaceful, honest convo for the first time in awhile. Really needed that. :H So, that went on for a long time and then we went over to Torgerson around 3:20 and worked on a couple things on her website really quick, and then went to Italian class at 4. Class was pretty easy, we had a little party and got out early. :D Then I walked Liz to her car, then came back to McBryde at 5:30 for a review for my HCI exam. That went really well; it was so good to get an outline of the topics we've covered, since I haven't attended a full HCI class in about 6 weeks or so. lol. Got out of there about 6:30, sped-walked to my car and then got to Awana about 6:45. Awana went okay, nothing too spectacular tonight, which I guess was good, because my body doesn't ache tonight. =P Then, we went after Awana to a party for the college students at the Batton's. It was really fun; good food, good talks, we did a gift exchange thingy which was funny and then some Christmas carols and a cool prayer time which was very nice to bring everything into persepective. So, that really capped off a nice day. :) Got home, had a good phone chat with Steve C. and now I need to get some rest!!

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