Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tripping Billies

Yeah, I think I'm going to get back to blogging before bed, so I don't waste time with it in the mornings. So, anyhow, today was interesting. Got up early at 7, had breakfast and had a good quiet time. Then worked on writing the final paper for the HCI project for a couple hours. Got that done around 10 which was great to have finished. :) Then got ready for school and went off to Geology at 11. Had my last science lecture EVER, woohoo!!! Class was dumb, then I went over to Owens and we had our last peeps lunch of the semseter. :-( It went okay, attendance was kinda low. Afterward, I talked out some issues with Liz for a little bit on the wall by Torgerson, then walked to HCI class with her. Went into class, turned in my report and left. Then walked over to Tim's office and chilled with him for a little bit, which was fun. After that, went to Kroger, stocked up on some Red Baron pizzas (they're dirt cheap this week!), came home, it was beautiful outside, so I went in the backyard, had a cigar and contemplated my life and why I suck at it so bad. Like ten minutes after I came back in, Liz dropped in to say hi and talk some more. We took a brief walk around the Foxridge pond and discussed issues, then she left. Then I started on my CS homework, then made dinner. After dinner, I was feeling really blah about life and tired in general, so I went to bed at 6:30 and slept until about 8:30. Then, dragged myself up and finished my CS homework and emailed Liz a little bit, which was good. It made me feel much better about stuff with her. :) At 10:30, me, Steve, Bo, and Chris went out for dessert. We were going to go to Sonic, but it was closed when we got there and then pretty much everything else in Christiansburg was closed also, so we ended up coming back and getting Frosties at Wendy's in Christiansburg. It was a ton of fun though; I had a really good time hanging with the roomies and we had some good laughs before coming home around 11:45. Laughter is great medicine. :D Between my emails with Liz and going out with them tonight, it really ended a potentially crappy day in a great way. I can smile again! :H

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