Friday, December 10, 2004

Big Eyed Fish

:-) Today was funness. :) Got up at 7, then got ready for the trip, then went to Liz's and picked her up and we left on our road trip to North Carolina for today. Hit the road around 8:50, then drove down in teeming rain to High Point. Got there around 11:15 and met Ken for lunch. We went out to CiCi's Pizza which was real fun. It was so nice to see Ken and chill with him and see how stuff has been in his life. :) So that was grand, then we left about 1:15 and drove back west through N.C. to Liz's grandma's house and got there about 2:40. Then spent the rest of the afternoon chillin with "Mema". It was great fun. :) We talked a bit, then played a quality game of Scrabble, in which Mema whooped us. Then she made us a huge dinner and we ate ourselves fat. :) But, it was a really nice time to spend with her. We left around 7:20 and headed back for home. Somehow we rotated directional poles in the middle of the interstate on the way home- I still have no clue how on earth that happened- but, other than that, we got home okay. We did have a few interesting detours today and almost got lost a couple times, but God is good and we're still in one piece. :) Anyhow, got back to Liz's a bit after 10, then ended up staying there to chat and finish milkshakes with her. =P Then ended up staying up even longer and chatting with Doug and her parents for awhile. It was fun though, and I left there around 11:20. Came back here, been doin some stuff, but now I think the bed is calling. :)

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