Friday, December 10, 2004

Baba O' Reilly

Hello peepoles. :) Today was good. Got up at 8 and had breakfast and a nice quiet time. Then I spent the morning doing lots of boring activities. Mainly bills and such and that sorta thing. Did a lot of laundry over the course of the whole day also. Had lunch, then after lunch started into doing some Europe research. I researched electricity over there and learned some stuff and then I spent a few hours looking up destination flights and train rides to various spots around Europe that I think would be fun to see. So that was great to do. I also spent quite a while reading about my government retiremtn plan and found out that I can leave my money in there even if I leave government work, until I turn 70 1/2. :P So, I got some good stuff done today, then picked Liz up at 6:45. A bunch of peeps and I had planned a surprise early birthday party for her and Summer. So, I told Liz that I was going to take her out to a special place for dinner tonight and to add to the surprise, I blindfolded her. Then I drove all around the area for about 30 minutes until she was completely confused and unknowing. I ended up back at Harvest where we met Summer, Brad, and Rebecca. Then walked them into the dark room, where we all did the big "SUPRISE!!" thingy and it was quite hilarious. Liz was baffled. :P So, we chilled for a bit and had some snacks and played a couple word games and stuff until around 11 something. It was cool. :) Then took Liz back and then came on home. Now, I gotta drag my sheets out of the dryer so I can get to bed!

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