Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Chair's so late...better blog quick. Well, today was nuts. Got up at 7, had breakfast, showered, then had a great quiet time in Romans. Then Steve C came over at 9:30 and we went out to Joe's diner for breakfast. I had already ate, but I felt like I should get something, so I ordered a cup of coffee for like the first time ever in my life. :P I ended up drinking like 2 1/2 cups and by the time we left, I was wired beyond all belief. It was rather fun. :) Anyhoo, the time with Steve was really cool, we had some good talks and stuff. Got out of there around 10:30. Then went to the Bookstore, bought some more Riva books, went over to the other bookstore and sold back a book and tried for a long time to find the last Riva book, then went to pay my water bill, then to the bank which was closed, then to Radio Shack which was swamped with people, so I spent way too long in there, but got what I needed, then back to campus to go to the bank there which was open, then raced back home around noon and fired up the oven. I made a Red Baron pizza and brought it with me and met Liz at Best Wishes about 12:30 and we ate lunch together in my car. Was great fun. :) She went back to work at 1, then I went over to Lube Time and got my oil changed and such, then went over to Wal-Mart which was an utter madhouse, but I was eventually able to get a card and a picture of me and Liz printed. :D Then went to Kroger on the way back home. Got back home about 2:30, then started wrapping presents for people. Steve W got in about 3:15 and I chatted a bit with him before he headed back to PA. Then I wrapped presents some more until like 5, at which time I started doing some more specific research for travelling in Europe. Got myself pretty bummed out by all the options and planning that needs to be done, and just the fact that I don't think I'll have enough money to cover all of it. :-/ So there was that, then I went to Liz's at 7. Had a nice dinner with her family, then helped put lights on her tree, then I had her dad look at my broken keyboard. We worked on it for some time but were getting nowhere. It got to the point where fixing this thing was no longer practical by any means, it was just fueled by sheer pride. :P We were finally able to sauder a copper wire to 2 ends of the bad circuit line. It looks real ghetto, but it did the trick!! Of course, it will probably fall off somtime soon after a few decent keyboard-fist-bangs. So, the good doctor Pinckney came to the rescue, and now I have my nice, comfortable keyboard to type this blog it. :) :) Anyhow, after that, Liz started giving me a much-needed haircut. She spent almost 3 hours working on it, lol! But, it was a really fun time with her just talking and joking and stuff, so I didn't mind at all. And my hair turned out great, I'm quite happy. :) Then we chatted a bit and I didn't get outta there until like 1:40. was good times tho. I heart my Liz. :D :D

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