Monday, December 20, 2004

Pinball Wizard

Hello peeps. Quick blog now. Today was grand. Got up at 7:45 and had a good breakfast and stuff then got myself ready and rolled out to Liz's at 10. Went down with her family to North Carolina for a Christmas party with some of the family of her mom's sisters and her grandma. It was really fun. There was an absolute TON of good food and dessert. :D I had a very nice time and it was so good getting to know them all a little better. :) We were there until like 5 or something, then drove back and got home a bit before 8. Then Liz and I spent almost 3 hours talking together about all sorts of things. It was a really good and really productive talk and I was so happy to talk to her earlier in the night and without worrying about homework. It was really nice. :) I could write so much more about it, but I need to sleep now because I gotta be up in less than 5 hours to drive home. :-/ I finished the night by getting back from Liz's at like 11:30 and then spent up until now cleaning my room and packing stuff up for the next week at home. Oh well, off I go. Gonna miss Liz a bunch this week. :-/ But, I do get to see my sweet Shadow cat. :D

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