Saturday, December 18, 2004

Unforgettable Fire

Yay for more late nights! weut! Today was fun stuff. Tried to get up early, but failed miserably and instead awoke about 10:30. Then had an okay quiet time and then got myself cleaned up and whatnot. Went out at noon and went to Best Wishes to sweep Liz off her busy feet and have lunch with her. So, we went to Burger King and after quite some effort and losing $8 by forgetting to take my change, we finally got to sit and have a quiet lunch together in the car. It was nice and great to see her. :) :) After lunch, I went back home and spent the afternooon cleaning stuff up and helping Bo and Chris move outta here. It was nice. Steve W came over around like 4 and it was great to see him for the first time in months. So, he's been chillin out here until tommorow. :) At 6:30 I went over to the church and met Liz and we went out with some peoples to go Christmas caroling to two old ladies. It was really special and fun. I had a nice time and I've never caroled before, so it was unique. :) That got done around 8:30, then chatted with Liz a little and got home a bit after 9. Tim and Steve C and Steve's buddy Mike came over to chill with me and Steve W. We had a good time chatting, then watched the movie Seven, then chatted some more until I was about to go insane, and they left. lol. :P They all got outta here about 1am and now I'm just trying to recoup. Hanging with those guys for extended periods of time requires A LOT of effort. It's a very electric environment to say the least... :P Okay, off to bed I go!

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