Monday, November 08, 2004

Sullivan Street

man, I'm tired. :-/ Oh well, guess I'll blog this morning. Yesterday was pretty fun. To recap, got up at 8, then went to church at 9:30 and Sunday school and the service was decent. Then came home and worked on my program from like 1 until 5:30. Got it almost close to being done. It was so sweet though, because I was sick of working on it, but I had to because it was supposed to be due at 8am today, but around 5:30 I checked the forum and saw that McQuain made it extended until midnight. :) :) :) Yay! So then I was able to do something fun, so I quickly changed plans and went to pick up Liz of evening church at 6 which was okay. Then we came back and had dinner at her house, then went with her family over to the Dellinger's for dessert. Had a good time there and played a ridiculously long game of Uno. :P Got back to Liz's a little after 10 and then worked on my program some more until about 12:15. Got some good stuff done on it, and now I'm really close to being finished. Hopefully I can get it done this morning! :)

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