Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Raining in Baltimore

Word, I need to play blog catch-up. Okay, headed back to Monday now. Got up early at 7 and had a good breakfast and quiet time. Then worked on my program for a little over an hour or so and got some stuff done with it. Went off to O.S. class at 10:10. Was rather disinteresting. After class I went up to Squires and was working on my program some more. Then Liz scoped me out and came up and brought me food. :D She's so nice, and hung out for a bit to chat. Before class I walked with her to the New Media Center in Torgersen and helped her with her website project a little. I never realized that place existed, its so sweet- just this like high tech computer lab that's actually clean and nice and they have nice software, etc. It's so sweet! :P So then I walked very briskly to Stats class which ended up being pointless. We did all review stuff and got out early. So I went back over to Torg and helped Liz with her site some more. It was really fun working on that together. :) She had a piano lesson at 2:30, so we ended then and I went back to Squires and coded until a little before 4 when she was done. We went to Italian class and had an interesting time there. Pretty much the whole class was spent learning how to play and playing and Italian card game. It was rather entertaining. :) After class I went home and scarfed down a little dinner before heading over to the Pugh's house at 6:30. Liz and I babysitted for their kids there until about 9. It was kinda cool. I spent most of the time programming on my laptop, which was a real bummer because I wanted to play with the kids. :-/ But, the deadline was looming, and I was able to get it finished there, so that was cool. :) After that, I got home and wanted to submit my program but had issues with remotely copying it to test on the lab machines and it was such a pain. Then I finally got it copied but a file got corrupted, so when I tried to compile I got like 80 errors. By that time it was 11:20 and I had 40 minutes to resolve 80 errors and I was freakin!! Oh man, what a heart attack. I finally realized that it was just a corrupt file, so I re-copied it and everything compiled just fine and I turned in my project around 11:40. Which was good, but still kind of a bummer since I wasted so much of my evening pointlessly. :-/ By that time I was tired, but my life was so disorganized, so I spent until about 1am just cleaning my room and figuring out my schedule for life and classes and everything else and just getting my head back on after that week-long programming fiasco. So that was good to do, but I was exhausted by about 1 and just passed out.

Now, getting into today. Today was absolutely ridiculous. Just insane. I don't think I've ever had so many ups and downs in one day. Okay to start. Got up a bit later than I wanted to and was so exhausted which meant I was in a lousy mood to begin with, plus meant that I spent time daydreaming in the shower which meant I was running late. Left for my 8am class at like 7:50. So, I got into the car and tried to start it, and like the first 3 turns, it wouldn't turn over. Then on the 4th one, it just like broke. My car just like died and I didn't know what it was. I thought mabye the battery, but had now clue. So, man I was pissed. By that time it was almost 8 and I was inevitably late. Went to get on the bus and just missed the one leaving, so had to stand out for 15 mintues in the freezing cold wind. The first night of the year we've had a freeze warning. :-/ So I was so angry when I got to class almost 20 minutes late. And Geo lab sucked, it was so hard and I didn't finish, so I BSed the last couple pages and ugh... Then right as I was leaving class, Steve D calls me and is like, "hey, they're cutting down the dead tree in our yard and need you to move your car." I was like WHAAATTT??!!! I was livid. I mean, of all the days in the entire world for my car to break down AND have them FINALLY AFTER ASKING FOR MONTHS have them cut down the tree!!! Man, what luck. I was so angry, but couldn't do anything, so just told Steve to tell them to be careful. So, for the next 4 hours, I was so concerned that they were going to drop a limb or somehting on my car. :-/ Ugh. So, then I went to McBryde to sign up for an extra credit thingy for my HCI class and apparently it no longer exists or never existed to begin with. That was a bummer and made me more angry. Then went to the IS office to give them my Passport and of course, my luck, they were gone to a meeting until 10:15. So I went to Squires to take my yearbook photo. This was rather annoying because I had to wait like 25 minutes, but it was also cool. There was a guy there from my HCI class and he recognized me and we met and chatted a bit about our projects and CS stuff. That was really fun and got me out of my bad mood. Then went back to the IS office at 10:40 and they still weren't back from the meeting. So I started getting mad again, so went to the library to waste time before class. But Liz was there, and we got to chat a little and my anger was difused again and I was feeling better. Went to Geo class at 11 and it was blah, then went over to the IS office again after. Got there at 12:03...it was closed from 12-1 for lunch. ARRGHH!! I could not win! So, huffed over to Owens for peeps lunch. Went to get the special baked ziti in the pasta line and it looked great. Of course, as I got up there, it was just about all gone. I figured they'd bring out a new batch, but no, the girl scrapes the crud off the bottom and all around the edges and all the crusty crap and gives it to me. I was heated. I shouldn't have accepted, but I grudgingly did. Then getting in line to pay, the cashier runs out of receipt paper just as I get up there and I have to wait forever as she fumbles trying to change it. I finally just gave up and went to a new line. It was like just every little thing that could happen to me did happen. Ridiculous. So, once again I was mad, but then had a fun time talking at Peeps lunch and got back into a decent mood again. Walked with Liz to Hancock after lunch and had another really good talk about things and that made me feel better also. :) Then to class at 2, got out early and on the way to the bus saw an ad for one of my favorite bands, The Flecktones, playing at VT in December. I was so stoked because I've always wanted to see them live! So that really made my day better. Got back home and my car was still in one piece and the tree was done, so that was a huge relief. :) Went to check my email and this guy from Phoenix Integration, the company I had been so excited during the summer to possibly work for, but was then rejected, he had emailed me out of the blue about a possible Spring co-op job. I was like, oh man, that's EXACTLY what I had wanted, but now I'm going to Europe and stuff. So man, that was an emotional rollercoaster. So I emailed him back kinda bummed and told him I couldn't do it, but asked about the summer. Then went out in the backyard and put on some James Taylor and smoked a fat cigar and just chilled for the first time in like weeks. It was great. :) Then Bo came and looked at my car and Chris did too and we determined it wasn't the battery, but the starter was broken. So that really sucks because it could be expensive and take some time too. :( So I was really angry about that, but as soon as I got back inside, I checked my email again and the job guy emailed my back about maybe working in the summer or next fall and told me to come in for an interview!! I was so excited, this is so awesome!! So, man, once again, it was down and up for me. So I was happy then, then Liz came and picked me up around 6:15 and we went and grabbed burgers from Hardees. Naturally, I REALLY wanted the swiss and mushroom burger, but they screwed up my order and gave me the wrong thing. I was angered again, but it just fit in with the theme of my day. But then Liz and I had a good talk and I felt better again. Went to the Riva meeting with her at 7 and it was really interesting. They had lots of previous trip-goers who talked to us and stuff. Got out of there about 8:15 and then Liz and I came back to my place and had ice cream and talked some more over stuff which was great. She left a little before 9:30. Then I've done nothing but write this incredibly long blog and talk to my roomates over the past hour. But, in summary, as you can see by the ludicrous events, today was been just all over the place. I'm not sure how to think, or what to feel, or anything. But I just know I'll sleep well!

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