Sunday, November 07, 2004

Hard Candy

ah, good morning blogger. Was too tired last night, so I reckon I'll blog this morning. Yesterday was pretty nice. Got up at 7, had a great quiet time and then started coding on my program at 8. Worked on it pretty much all morning and then went and met Liz outside Best Wishes during her lunch break at 12:30. We had lunch for a half hour and it was very nice. :) Then came back home and coded the entire afternoon. Stopped about 6:50 and my head felt like mush. Went to Liz's at 7 for dinner with them and then spent the evening just chillin with her. We pretty much just relaxed and hung around, talking, listening to music, and reading poetry. It was very nice just to mellow out with her after a long day. Around midnight we went out for a little walk and it was so clear out and the stars were just amazing! We saw a bunch of shooting stars also which were so cool. :D That was really neat and then I left around 12:30, got back here and ended up talking to Charles and fixing the CBF website until 1:30. :-/ Then woke up at 8 this morning and I feel pooped!

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